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Crowdfunding is a collaboration between us and you, the public. We believe that crowdfunding is the future. Instead of relying solely on offline donations, which can be restricted to a niche market, we want to take our cause global.

As a forward-looking company, we believe that every donation makes a difference, be it $5 or $5000. Although we will continue to source for offline donors as well, crowdfunding is important to us because it gets our message out on a wider scale.

Like the rest of our venture, OJPC’s crowdfunding campaigns are built on trust.

What happens is: 1. You donate.

2. Participants are charged only if the amount of donations pass the threshold for the campaign to reach its goal.

3. Once the threshold has been passed, participants receive perks for their respective donation values. To show our appreciation for your involvement, we provide cool perks alongside your donation. Just as a thank you, and as a reminder that as you give, we like to give too.

Our crowdfunding campaigns:

One Job Per Child Indiegogo Campaign

One Job Per Child Crowdrise Campaign 

One Job Per Child Crowdtilt Campaign


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