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How It Works

One Job Per Child saw the problem in the existing system of donating: That it didn’t involve the people that donations were supposed to help. One Job Per Child has created a one-of-a-kind, long-term solution to poverty with its web-based learning platform for teens in the developing world.


The focus of our educational modules is high-transfer skills, namely intense English language immersion training for workplace communication.

This was determined to have the highest impact in opening doors for employment and we found that a foundation of these would set the student up to be better than 80% of his online competitors.OneJobPerChild has partnered with using its Instructor-Led Solution for the fulfillment of all of the language and practical skills components for its students.


All students will receive the online skills training with the goal of immediate mentorship opportunities through our other online partners.

All students will receive training for simple online Skype conversations with paying U.S. partners (educational businesses, etc).  This two-hour-per-week requirement represents an immediate income for the students and an ability for them to pay for their education. as well as earn a higher than average income.


One Job Per Child hopes that with their newfound skills and income, the teens working with our organization will be able to lead their countries into a better future – a future without poverty.

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